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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

things my doctor told me

It seems like each gastric surgeon tells their patients something different and I thought maybe we should compare. Below are things my doctor told me to do or not to do after the band.
1. Wait for 30 minutes to drink before or after a meal.(I just wait 30 minutes after a meal)
2. Don't take any pain reliever other than tylenol for the rest of your life.
3. No more coffee just decaf (suppose to be an appetite stimulant)
4. No more soda
5. Get 60 - 65 grams of protein a day
6. Get 64 ounces of water/crystal light a day
7. No straws ( I personally hate this rule and would like to formally object)
8. eat protein first
9. limit starches
10. take vitamins, vitamin D and caltrate daily

Did I miss any? Are your rules like the ones I got from my doctor?


  1. Hey I just started following you. I haven't been banded yet, but look to be soon.

    I was told by a friend that I couldn't drink from straws anymore and nearly cried. I love straws. I don't understand that rule myself. I mean it would seem to me that you would get MORE air in your stomach from just gulping a liquid than through a straw, but I guess I'm wrong.

  2. Do you know how much I silently cry every time I have to take the lid off my lite lemondade to drink when I go through a drive through? And it might even be dangerous to drink while driving without a straw I mean you can't see the road. It is just wrong I tell you!

  3. Just linked your blog and asked for followers on my last post!!! Good luck to you - and I use straws and occassionally have carbonation... all in moderation!

  4. LOL, see I hate for the ice to fall forward and possibly down my top. Can you imagine drinking something while driving, you already can't see and then you stop abruptly only to have ice down your front. This only happens when I'm trying to drain the last of what I'm drinking. I've done it and it ain't fun.

    BTW, I love lemonade too!!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog today. Glad to be one of your followers. My doc never said no straws, so I still use them. Pretty much everything else is the same, but my doc's big rule was to not use shakes to get protien, he said that was a bad habbit to get into and defeats the work of the band.
    Good discussion!

  6. My doctor told me pretty much the same things you listed. I however, being a close rule breaker, still sip on soda sometimes....through a straw!!! I have not died yet, so I think if it's in moderation it's all good in the hood!

  7. I can drink up to the moment I take my first bite, then wait an hour after I eat to drink again.

    No aspirin or ibuprofen, just tylenol.

    No liquid protein. I'm supposed to eat my protein. Concentrate on protein but do eat veggies/fruit too. Be careful of bread, he said each person handles it differently. I'm not supposed to eat anything that requires a spoon. If I want soup, I have to eat it with a fork.

    I'm going to ask him again about the soda when I go in next time for a fill. I want to see what his thoughts on it are.

    I don't think he has said anything about a straw. I use them, almost daily.

    His nurse gets after me for eating yogurt in the morning, she tries to equate it to ice cream, that it's a slider. However, the kind I have is packed with protein and it is very thick. I eat it with a stick of string cheese, and between the two, that is a 20 g protein breakfast.

    No calorie liquids. I can drink tea, water, crystal lite, coffee even with my cream, etc. But no sugared drinks, no milk shakes, no protein drinks, no juices.

    He stresses the importance of exercise but he isn't all Hitler about it.

    I really like my surgeon. He does my fills and he goes to the monthly support group meetings. He truly is a hands-on doctor.

  8. Hey, when in December were you banded? I was banded December 17.

  9. I was banded Dec 22! Uh how do you eat soup with a fork, he might as well have said use chopsticks.
    I have a shake for breakfast a few days a week I still have a hard time getting 60 grams in each day if I don't.

  10. Similar rules for me, and I also break the straw rule. The most ridiculous one I got was not to drink out of the little hole on a "to-go" coffee cup. I guess I would suck too much air in. Whatev.