Just how much have I lost?

Friday, February 17, 2012

you would think I would be thin as a rail

1 chicken finger from Texas road house made me toss my cookies.
4 bites of a chicken and vegetable wrap made me do the same as well.
you would think I would be as thin as a rail but somehow I always manage to be the same weight.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

lies I tell

I decided to read the page on my blog 'foods I eat'. boy I haven't eaten those things for a long time. Egg whites has to have been at least a year. Shake for breakfast 6 months. Tuna, cucumbers, say it ain't so.
Let's rewind today for what is really going down.
- coffee
-2 oreos
-2 taco supremes
-1 bag of cinnamon twists
- a few popcorn chickens my daughter didn't finish
-5 fries
- 1 slice of pizza

And there you have in a nutshell the difference between losing weight and eating terrible. Reality time.