Just how much have I lost?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

well I called another dr.

Me on the alps a few months ago.
I called another doc closer in town to see if they could fit me in sooner.  they said sure but you have to all your records sent here.  then you will need to have a consult before we can do any unfill.  I was like this is just silly.  So I should have called to get all that started but man you know everytime I remember to call it is their lunch break and my lunch break when they are closed. 

I realize I am causing my own problems and not making this any better.  I realize I have been eating unhealthy foods and have gone up to 180 now.  I realize I need to exercise several times a week for this thing to work.  yet I don't, I continue doing the same thing and getting the same result.

I have 4 friends I know that got the band.  One got it a few months after me, lost 20 pounds total.  She has had problems often and found out recently she only had 1 cc in her band.  she has to go get further tests to find out what happened.  She regrets ever getting it done.

Friend 2 got hers done around me also and lost 130 pounds.  She hasn't had a fill in years, exercises daily and looks healthy.  She says I control my eating the band does not.  She obviously has overcome her eating issues.  I have not.

Friend 3 got hers done earlier this year and lost about 40.  She has many of the same issues with eating too much as i do and throwing up.  She still waits like I do to burp, which makes room for another bite.  She doesn't exercise either.  We say we want to exercise together but coordinating schedules is difficult.  I have 2 little ones and a husband who works late.

Friend 4 got hers done earlier this year and lost about 60.  She looks fantastic, exercises every single day! She eats healthy foods but less of it.  I am amazed at her transformation and jealous.  Even though she is still heavier than me scale wise, she looks thinner than I do. 

Well there you have it in review, things you already know.  If you follow what you know is right you get great results, if you don't nothing happens.  Now if only  I could get my butt up and do something.

I am thrilled with my band, and my weight loss. I look normal, everyone tells me how great I look but I know things are not right and will get worse if I don't take measures to fix it,

Monday, October 1, 2012

two months

I finally called the doctor to get an unfill.  do you know when they can fit me in? Two months.   what the heck? 
These are the things that have caused me to call
- I am still sleeping on 2 pillows to keep my head elevated. If I lay flat I make gurgling noise
- I can't lay on my stomach ever
- I did a little burp where something came up in my sleep again
- I am throwing up like four or five times a week after eating chicken, eggs, noodles, etc
- I am having to eat a lot of crunchy foods because they go down easy
- my hair is falling out
- it takes me a long time just to drink anything, which means i am not getting all my liquids in

So all of these things get me to call.  Why did it take me so long? Because I am terrified that I will gain weight when I do.  even with all the things above and the small amount of food I still have not lost a pound in fact this morning I am at 181.  How is that even possible.  I have been hovering around 177 - 179 for months.

I told them I needed to be seen sooner.  They said I need to call back and speak to the office manager.
I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow.