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Friday, July 2, 2010

oops I did it again

Yes I had a little throw up incident today but before I tell you how that came to be lets just rewind the what was my life like a year ago first.

Last summer and the summer before about three times a week I would go to the library with my kids then go directly to the bakery. I would order a turkey and cheese sandwich on fresh rye bread get two cookies for the kids and then proceed to pick up a few baked goods for myself. My normal order was an almond croissant, a cream cheese turnover, and maybe an elephant ear for good luck. And yes I would eat it all. Not at one time, but most surely before my husband came home to not leave any evidence. But it was only a few times a week, and I couldn't do it during the school year since they close at 3. So it was like not a big thing right? Looking back it does seem a little excessive. Ok maybe a lot excessive. But I think what happens when you constantly eat more than the norm, your norm becomes normal. Right?

Anywhoo, so flash forward back to the present. We went to the library and for the first time this summer went to the bakery. I got a cookie for each kid, ordered my turkey and cheese sandwich on rye and decided to get just one cookie for myself. No croissant, no eclair, no cream cheese turnover, and no elephant ear. I was patting myself on the back all the way to the car. Boy look how far I came, I said to myself. You should be proud of yourself I say. This is what a normal person would eat I say.

So I am in the car the kids are eating their cookies and I bust open the sandwich. I take three bites and ooh can I feel it. It is right there, tight, just pain. I put the sandwich down and knew I was done. Oh but the pain.

A couple minutes pass and then the spit in my mouth starts. I was like oh boy we might have a problem here. Do I pull over, will it pass? I decide to get a bag ready just in case. And then before I could pull over, I was at a light though, I threw up in the bag. It was more like a productive burp I guess. Just a little teaspoon or so of throw up, mostly spit.

So there you have it, I know what this means. I must now get rid of eating bread. This is difficult for me since my life sort of consisted mostly of bread, bread products, and their close relatives. I would have called myself a carbeterian. Cause I mostly ate just carbs. But now the time has come to leave the loaf on the shelf. Push the bread basket back, and leave it to those that are not banded. I am done with it, because I think throwing up in front of my friends might not be a good thing.

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  1. It sucks not being able to eat bread, but you will get used to it. Some days I can do a wrap.