Just how much have I lost?

Monday, June 7, 2010

I don't get it

So like I said this week I have felt restriction. Let me share with you my experiences on what has caused me to get a severe tightness or being stuck.
A small quartered potato from potato salad.
A bite of turkey sausage, egg white and half of a bagel sandwich.
A piece of cheese.
A bite of cake. ( I know I normally don't have it in the house but it was someones birthday this week)
Three bites of a turkey burger.
What I don't get is at other times during the week these things gave me no trouble. Does that mean I ate faster when I got stuck? I don't think so.
What I did find out is drinking to get relief does not work. In fact I think it makes it more painful. But that is just me.
My worst episode was the potato. I spent ten minutes at my parents house spitting in the toilet. You know how right before you throw up you get a lot of spit in your mouth, well that was me. Thankfully I didn't throw up but I did have tons of spit. My doctor said that is the way or your body trying to dislodge the food by lubricating your esophagus. I did get some relief when leaning over the toilet, maybe a different angle helps? I don't know.

You would have thought I would have lost a ton of weight since I have this restriction now, but no. I lost 2 pounds since when I got my fill almost 2 weeks ago. I will say there has been almost no real exercise this week, and my food choices have not been the best. But I also had nothing but shakes this week for breakfast and have always gotten my 60 grams in each day because of that. One thing I did a lot of this week is grab handfuls of cereal to get that sweet taste in my mouth after dinner. I ran out of my protein bars and this was what I did to compensate for not having something sweet. And then of course there was the cake. I guess when writing it down I understand why I didn't lose more, but in theory it would have been nice to see something different on the scale.

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  1. Hey GF! Thanks for the comment...I'm following you now! Go follow people and give them your blog address like you did me and the followers will come (I'll remember to do a post soon where you can give your address again).

    I blogged on LBT for over a year and had a large following there...most of them don't do blogs, but a few set up shop with me here and the rest just comment under 'anonymous' on my blog LOL. I just started following others here and they came.

    A few suggestions; things like cereal, popcorn, cookies or anything crunchy are usually considered 'sliders' by Banders because they go easily through the Band and don't help to keep you full. And yes, gravity helps when you're sliming or need to PB to get something unstuck (and you're right, liquids on top don't help). Oh, and I've had a small piece of chocolate every day since Banding...give yourself a small treat to look forward to and it will help the temptations during the day. -BG