Just how much have I lost?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

love my new stomach

Well I did it!  It has been two weeks since my tummy tuck and let me tell you I love my new belly.  I know you want pics so I will upload them as soon as I find the cord.  I am probably one of the only people in America who does not have a smart phone.  So I can't just take a pic and send it to my computer I still  need the cords to upload. 

The doctor weighed my fat roll and said it was 2.5 pounds more than he thought.  Even though he said it was only 2.5 pounds it looks like I lost 20.  Now I am still very swollen and you can't tell I had any fat sucked out of my thighs whatsoever, but just not having that belly roll makes  a ton of difference. 

Here are some things that I have found out since my tummy tuck.
1. do not sneeze.  even if you try and hold it in, and squeeze your stomach it hurts.
2. do not cough same issues as #1
3. try not to laugh
4. pooping hurts too.  I had to call on Jesus in the bathroom to get me through my first and second poop after surgery.  In case you didn't know, you use all your abdominal muscles to poop.
5. sleeping is not fun when you can't lay on your stomach or your side
6.  I can't stop looking at my scars and my new belly button. 

I can walk around now and drive although getting in and out of the car is painful.  I normally can stand or walk around the house for like an hour before I need to sit down on the couch and put my feet up.  I can only explain the pain as feeling as someone is trying to pull my stomach apart by holding on the skin.  It is just sore and a yanking pain. 

Today I got fitted for a compression garment.  As my 19 year old daughter said when she saw me in it, "you look like you are in the 1800's"  I do not like it.  The garment needs to be worn inside out so that none of the seems are on your new stomach and thighs or they will leave a permanent imprint on your body.  It is hot.  It is tight.  And I can't wear any underwear it either.  So basically I am in this tight thing with nothing out but my 'cooch', if you know what I mean.  It is a very weird, uncomfortable feeling.  I can't wear underwear again because they don't want any seams making a long lasting imprint on me.  Did I mention I don't like it?

They want me to wear it all day, then change into a different one at night.  I said, "Uh I sweat at night and there is no way I am sleeping in that with the amount of sweat that comes out of me nightly."  The nurse said I could do what I wanted but my healing would be faster if I slept in one.  Needless to say I will be sleeping in my cute pajamas that make me look very thin. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

1 day till my tummy is tucked

Well I went to go get myself all marked up on Friday.  I was ready to do it, had my pretty panties on and everything.  But I got there and they said he was in surgery.  "Didn't I have a 3:00 appt?"  "Yes but his surgery is now.  I will check to see if he can still mark you today."

About 5 minutes later I go to another room and the Dr. comes in.  He says, "How about I just do it before the surgery on Tuesday?  You come to my office at 5:45 then go right to the hospital."

Ok, sounds like a plan.  Now I don't have to be all marked up for four days.  My only question was what happens if the hospital says I need to be at the hospital at 5:30?  He assured me all they do is tell you to come in early, hurry up, and then wait.  Mostly to make sure you aren't eating anything.  This is what he said would happen.
1. come to his office to get marked up 5:30
2. get to the hospital 6:15  (hospital is close to his office)
3. register
4. get de-robed and get an iv started.
5. talk to anesthesiologist
6. talk to my OB/GYN
7. go to the OR
8. go to sleep while they prep my body 8:00
9. Dr. starts hysterectomy 8:30
10. Finishes hysterectomy but doesn't close me up 9:30
11. Plastic surgeon starts reconstructing my belly
12. Lipo of outer thighs
13. Finishes surgery 2:30
14 I wake up quite sore and am groggy for the rest of the day will sleep most of day and night

That is it in a nutshell.  People have asked me if I am scared, no I'm not.  I know God is going to take care of me and he put me in the hands of these doctors for a reason.  I am not really worried about recovery too much either.  Yes I know it is going to hurt like hell but I watched so many people on youtube with their blogs that I think it eased my fears a bit. 

To be honest I am more concerned about how my lady parts are going to look under those bright lights.  I wanted to get another wax before I went in but that's 50 bucks and just a bit more than I want to spend.  So I did a little trim and shave and wonder if they will shave it all off when I get in the OR anyway.  I remember when I had my band put in they shaved my stomach.  Now I didn't think I had a hairy stomach but it was a little embarrassing.  I mean do it when I am asleep you know.  And that is the reason I am wondering will they trim while I am awake, or asleep, or at all.  My daughter says, don't worry about it mom you know there are a lot of people who had to look worse than you.  I guess that is a way to look at it. 

Till tomorrow my blog friends.  I'll be sure to take pictures and post as soon as I can.  I really want him to take a picture of all my fat he takes off.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

looky here

here is a pic from right before my surgery and from a few weeks ago at a 5k I did. 

This of course was before the run.  After the run a was a little sweaty. 
Did I tell you I love my band! 3 1/2 years later and I look at this picture and realize I couldn't look normal like this without it. 
I got weighed today at the Dr's 176.  I'll take it.
Hopefully after the plastic surgery I'll be down to 166.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm shedding

Yes my hair is coming out more than I would like to admit, probably been going on for two months now.  Not in clumps but after I dry my hair there is quite a bit in the sink and on the floor.  Then it seems like I always have a hair or two on my shirt.  So I figured it was because i haven't been doing really well with my protein. 

The past few weeks I have put a protein shake back in my daily, or every other day routine.  I try and have a slice or two of turkey, no bread of course.  And for a week when I had leftover chicken made on the grill I would eat that as a snack a few times a day.  (so much better for me anyway)
I also increased my biotin to twice a day instead of just once.  I am hoping this will help.  I do see sprouts of hair coming in where the old has fallen out, but even my hairdresser commented on the amount I lost in the sink during my last cut. 

With the increased protein I would have hoped to shed a few pounds too but no such luck.  I got weighed at both the plastic surgeon and the ob/gyn today and I am 178 fully clothed.  The good news is I have maintained my weight for over a year and a half.

I did throw up yesterday.  First time I can say i did that in a really long time.  I ate half a hoagie and that was too much.  Still haven't learned my limits I guess.

I'll tell you about my plastic surgery pre-op appointment later.  :)