Just how much have I lost?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fill her up!

I got a .20 cc fill today. I am on liquids for 2 days then soft foods for one. Fills if you haven't had one really don't hurt except a pinch and a sting when they put the numbing needle in. Today I think she had a harder time finding the port, since she was pushing a lot. I would have thought that it would be easier since I am thinner now and less flab to go through.
I told her just top me off, I have some restriction sometimes and other times like none. I mentioned I threw up a few times and so instead of .25 she was going to give me she bumped it down to .20. We'll see how it goes. She said "see you back in three months?" Hopefully this will keep me filled longer than that.

I lost 9 pounds since my last visit with them in July. She said that was great, where as I thought it was too little.

Hair loss was something else I mentioned to her. She suggested adding Zinc to my list of vitamins. In addition to my normal vitamin, and Biotin, I will be popping a Zinc. She said I can go to 90 grams of protein a day as long as I didn't have kidney problems. I think I am going to stay at 80 for a while since I just really uppped it last week.

The good thing about a fill is I know the scale will go down after 2 days from just doing liquids.

I also went to zumba last night for the first time. Let's just say if the judges from Dancing with the Stars were there I would have gotten 0's and been voted off. I realized I have absolutely no rhythm and hope no one was secretly taping it to bribe me on youtube at a later date. I did sweat so that was a plus. Tonight I am going to another Zumba class with another instructor so I can compare and contrast the two. Me trying to work out at home on my own, after a full day of work is just not happening. Getting out of the house is probably what I need to do, in order to get a work out in.

Monday, September 27, 2010

peppers were tasty

Last night I made stuffed peppers that were full of protein. I put onions, peppers and chopped up some turkey sausage. Fried them all up in a pan, added some fat free ricotta cheese and some spaghetti sauce. I also threw in some chopped up turkey peperoni. Baked those suckers for like 20 minutes with some more sauce on top. Lovely people, just lovely. My hubby even ate them.
But in other news I am eating hand over fist. I need to get a fill bad to slap some sense back into me. I get so busy at work I totally forget to call and then when school is out they are closed. I gotta put a reminder in my calendar at lunch so I don't forget tomorrow. The only day you can schedule an appointment is on Thursdays otherwise I have to drive an hour to get to the office that is open every day of the week. And that is just entirely too long of a drive.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How is it possible?

I think I need a fill. Yesterday I ate an entire salad from Subway along with 1/2 an eggroll and 2 crab rangoons. Yes, it is still much better than my old trip to chinese where I would have had a pint of wonton soup, 5 crab rangoons, an egg roll, and an order of sweet and sour chicken and probably half of my daughters french fries. Becuase you know they have the best fries in the world.
But my point is how can I eat all that, when other times I eat two bites of something and end up with sharp pain from restriction.
I had some ice cream the other day from McDonalds. I read on someones blog that the cone is only 150 calories so I get 1 a week now. But anyway I was eating it and half way through I had to stop, get some napkins and proceed to spit for like 5 minutes. I was in so much pain and so uncomfortable and the spitting is never fun. But as soon as I burped what did I do? Finished my ice cream of course.

So in conclusion i think I need a fill. Although the scale has moved it really isn't moving fast maybe a pound a week the last two weeks. I think I'll call this week and see if they can fit me in, the problem is though I have to leave work early to make the appointment and I hate asking for time off. I just hate it. But I hate being stuck at this weight and size even more.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

totally off subject

I know this is off subject but I am desperate for help. I teach 2nd grade and am in desperate need of a listening center for the kids to use daily.
There is a program from sonic which if you get enough votes for your project they will pay for. Right now I have 49 people who voted for me, I need like at least 300. The good news is you can vote everyday. The bad news is most people forget.
so can if at all possible help a fellow bandster, and a hard working teacher get this for the kids.
I would so appreciate it. Tell your friends, enemies and anyone that has an email address.

Just click on the cute little button, and I think it will take you right to my spot. If not select location, click on Delaware and click on Mrs. P listening center.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Calgon take me away

April 4 months out Today 9 months out

not the best picture in the world but it's me. Now keep in mind this is after going to school 2 hours early to get caught up on things and wrangling 24 second graders for 8 hours after that. Thought i should explain why my hair is a little disheveled.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

BOOBS anyone?

I have some size 22 things I was hoping to give to someone in need, and I really need some size 16's. Anyone out there have something to share? I found this on the BOOBs blog and decided to try. I am so upset I am not going to the convention next weekend, but the plane tickets were so much from Philly too much for just a weekend. Anyone going?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm coming out

December 2009

April 2010

Well I was looking at other band sites and saw how pictures really told a story of the journey so I figured maybe it is time for me to come out of hiding. I saw one bandsters picture and I can't believe how skinny she is. She is around 140 now and looks like 100, I guess she is tall. just amazing.

So here are my pics of me before the surgery, and in April. I'll post a current one this week once I shower and put on something nice. Today I am sitting around in my pajamas doing the taxes which are long overdue.

Hopefully none of my coworkers will ever come across my site and divulge my secret.

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's been a month

I have been avoiding my blog out of frustration. My scale has been stuck for a month. It is just so upsetting. I have restriction, I have had pain when over eating which forced me to cut back. At least 4 times a week I have had spitting episodes. Today I did a productive burp as it is so nicely known in the lap band circle. Honestly that is a nice way of saying a handful of throwup.
I threw up only after 2 bites of a salad. Yesterday I threw up after two bites of a Mcdonalds kids hamburger. just the meat, no bun. I wouldn't mind the throwing up and the spitting if the scale was moving but it really isn't.

I went to my support group meeting and was told that we are only supposed to have 8 grams of carbs at each meal. Do you know how little that is? I was having a banana a few times a week. She said that a banana has 45 carbs. So that is out. My rice krispy treat I normally have after lunch has about 20, the 100 calorie pack has about the same. What this means to me is I need to really stop with all the little snacks I have after a meal, and see if that will change the scale.

I had my bloodwork done and am good on everything. My proteins, cholesterol, vitamin d, b12 all are within range now. So why is my hair still falling out? I asked the nurse she said to start taking Biotin. (I started a month ago and have seen no change) She also said I should bump up my protein from 60 grams to 80 grams. I have no idea how I could eat that much. What I decided to do is to have a shake or protein coffee at night.
My normal menu:
breakfast - protein coffee
lunch- salad with turkey, beans, cheese, green pepper, and cucumber
snack - protein bar
dinner - whatever I make
snack- shake or protein coffee

What are you all doing to get the protein in without splurging on calories and carbs? I hate fish so I am limited to turkey and chicken.