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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I tossed my cookies, I mean pizza

Well I had my first experience with throwing up after eating too much. Let me explain. We had our end of year luncheon, you know the one where there is food from one end of the world to the other. The kind of lunch where there is nothing green in site. The kind of lunch with 15 or 20 desserts to choose from. The kind of lunch where you fill your plate to the brim, go back some more and then take a plate home which you eat soon after you walk in the door.
So I knew I couldn't go all out like I used to, nor did I have the desire but I did want to partake in some of the festivities.

I started with a slice of pizza and a 1/4 of a tuna hoagie (aka sub). I ate the pizza minus the thick crust on the end. Feeling just fine I went on to eat the tuna with a fork from the sandwich. I didn't dig into the bread at all. I of course had no soda although there were at least 7 bottles of diet coke which were looking at me with loving memories. Then I had a scoop of canoli filling. Oh my lord I almost fell to my knees it was so good. After I ate all that I stopped and did feel some tightness in my chest. This was around 11:30. I was pretty proud of myself. Not an ideal meal, but no where near what I would have eaten on any other buffet table.
At 3:00 I went home and was forced to take a left over pizza with me. I said well it has been a few hours might as well have another slice. So I did, and I enjoyed it just the same. Still no crust, and I did throw a little piece to the dog. But this time I felt a lot of tightness in my chest. I knew I couldn't eat anymore I mean I was in pain. It feels like I don't have full breath capacity, it just is right in between my boobs and I guess i could describe it as someone squeezing my lungs from the inside.
Well at 4:30 the pizza box was still there, and guess what I did. I pulled off the bottom triangle and popped that sucker right in my mouth. I chewed, swallowed, and felt a little tight. Then I took just one more bite for the road.
I went outside to get in the car, and then the pain came. Lots of tightness, so much more than before. I leaned over to see if that would loosen up the pizza with no luck. Instead of sitting in the car I went outside the garage and spit a couple times. I had so much spit in my mouth and the pain was more intense. After waiting a few more minutes I leaned over again and spit out a little more. Still no relief. Then I got the urge to puke. I ran inside and threw up just a little. Like a dollop of undigested pizza. And although I didn't enjoy the experience I felt such relief. The pressure and tightness was gone. It put a little fear back in me and gave me a wake up call that I need to stop eating so much.
I mean when I have something from a restaurant in my house I take a pick at it every time I walk by. When I have a cake in my house I would cut a sliver off hoping no one would realize that there was half the cake gone. So since my surgery I have done a pretty good job keeping that kind of stuff out of the house. Well today it was here and I went back to old habits. I hope this incident helps me remember I don't need to, nor should I be picking at food all day long no matter how good it was.

The surgery is the easy part it is getting past your life long habits that is still a struggle.

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  1. I am right there with you...old habits are so hard to break, but luckily, the band will remind us when it needs to! I bet you won't want pizza for a long time! :) Take care!