Just how much have I lost?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

earthquake and a hurrican

this week we had an earthquake and now are preparing for a hurricane. And what do you need in a hurricane? Donuts! So of course after I bought the water, candles, and rain gutters I put some donuts and fritos in the cart. Because you need some non perishable items.

I have done really well I think this week though in food going back to work. Each morning I had my shake worth 30 grams of protein and probably close to 300 calories. I have had no snacks between that and lunch. Then for lunch I ate tuna and a few crackers. For a snack I had a cheese stick and some turkey peperoni. At home for dinner not too much. One day I did have a a few hand fulls of chips, another day a hotdog with no bun, another day 2 slices of thin crust pizza. So I really don't think bad. Definitely better than what I had been eating. However the scale said 182 this week. 1 pound more than what it was last week. I am blaming it on my food last week. But it could have been for adding breakfast this week since all summer I never ate any.
My rationale was if I eat a good breakfast I won't snack as much and get my protein in. I hope the scale will move down soon. If not I will need to jump back on the mill soon. As I have been on my but for about 5 weeks. No exercise at all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

and the ground shook

Yes I felt the earthquake. And it was weird. I can't imagine how scary it must be in California or japan when they have them because this was little and I found it frightning. Luckily there is no real damage anywhere and no one is hurt. We were told to leave early of course the day before school opens so i am not ready in my classroom. But I can't complain since we are all safe and no injuries.

Today I put on my size 14 white pants. And let me tell you they were a little snug. So snug that I thought meeting all of my parents in them would probably be making a statement I didn't want to make. So I put them back int he closet and put on the big 18's. Why did I insist on wearing big white pants. Because I had already ironed my shirt and I really wanted to wear these lovely fuschia flip flops. now scale wise I am about the same. Remember I fluctuate between 179 and 181 all the time. So the pants should still fit but they do not. Could I blame on the dryer or I really should blame it on the cookies and chips I have been eating.

I have these past few days since I have been back to work had a protein shake for breakfast. Tomorrow I will add back in the water i need to be drinking. Then I should move into eating less snacks. One thing at a time just like I started.

Friday, August 12, 2011

summer is winding down

The good thing is I haven't gained any weight over the summer. The bad news is I haven't lost any either. Maybe 180 is just where my body wants me to be. Or maybe I need to seriously look at my eating to see what I can do to lose weight. I really don't want to stop here. I mean I am ok but a 14 is snug it would be nice to have a little wiggle room.

So as I go back to school in another week I bought myself a new coffee cup and new cup to drink cold things from. Normally for me if I like the cup I drink more. I know crazy but I do. And one thing I know I don't do enough of is drink.

I also need to count protein. If I had to guess I would say I get about 30 grams of protein a day. Way below the 60 I am supposed to be getting. And the only reason is laziness and saying I want to eat something regardless of the nutrional value.

I also bought myself a very stylish lunch bag. Yea i know you are thinking a lunch bag stylish but it is! This past year I eiether brought my lunch in a plastic bag or took one of my kids. So maybe if I like my bag I will pack a better lunch and do better in the protein area.

All summer long I wear flip flops and shorts or capris with a relaxed waist. It is going to be a big change to put on fitted shirts and pants and shoes with a back on them. I still haven't much of a work wardrobe because I thought I was just passing through size 14. That was 8 months ago.