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Monday, June 7, 2010

who's fruity?

One thing I have never been is a fruit eater. My fruit repertoire consists of bananas and the occasional apple. I have tried so much fruit at various times in my life and I just really don't like it. Peaches are furry, cantaloupe is mushy, and watermelon is just too watery. So what I do to get a little bit of fruit in is use frozen fruit in my protein shakes. Here is a bag I found at Walmart for like 6.00. It is pretty good it seems like it makes my shakes taste different each time since I always get a different mixture of the fruit.
When I first started doing shakes I did frozen strawberries, then a frozen berry mixture. Although it was good the frozen berries had soo many seeds in it. I felt like I was doing a commercial for Polident. Remember the commercial for dentures where they were always complaining about he seeds getting stuck in their teeth.
For a few weeks I did frozen blueberries until I realized I had been going around all morning with bits of black blueberry skin stuck in my teeth all day.
For now I am good with the mixture. I put about a cup of fruit, a scoop of protein powder, skim milk and a teaspoon of sugar. You know a teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down, at least that is what Mary Poppins always said.

Till next time.


  1. Have you tried frozen mango? That is my current favorite for my shakes. I do frozen mango, one or two frozen peach slices, add my Caribbean Cooler Nectar powder with some water, and done!

  2. Haven't tried the mango, I don't know if I saw it there but I'll check next time I go. I have found out that if I let them thaw just a bit the taste is a lot more flavorful then when I take them straight out the freezer.
    Thanks for the tip.