Just how much have I lost?

Foods I eat Now

egg whites
weight watchers english muffins
turkey bacon
protein shakes made with 1 scoop of protein powder and frozen fruit
decaf coffee with flavored fat free creamer

salads with egg, cheese, chicken or tuna
lean cuisine very rarely
tuna salad
protein bar
crackers and cheese
leftovers from the night before

egg noodles with turkey meatballs
spaghetti with turkey meat sauce
black beans with salsa and a little shredded cheese
bbq chicken breast
chicken with turkey chili and cream cheese in the crockpot
turkey chili
turkey kielbasa

100 calorie pack cheeses or string cheese
a handful of peanuts
popcorn kernel, dried cranberry, mix (it comes in a bag)
sugar freee fudge pop
 hershey kisses
peanuts mixed with butterscotch chips
sugar free pudding
carrots and dip
cucumbers and dip
decaf coffee and creamer
lots of crystal light