Just how much have I lost?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

to tell or not to tell that is the question

Well my last day of school has passed so I don't really have anyone asking me how I lost the weight now. I have about 8 weeks off which I had the goal of losing another 13 pounds. Maybe once my terrible horrible no good very bad sun burn goes away I can think of putting my butt on my bike I bought.
Anywhooo... a lot of people ask me how I lost the weight and I normally just say oh you know I am on the donut wagon. No donuts for me anymore. Because for me when you give me a donut it is like the book when you give a mouse a cookie. When I eat a donut for breakfast, I might as well have another one with my large coffee. Then for snack I should have a bag of m&m's and a diet coke. And when lunch time comes you might as well have a chalupa since you have already screwed up the day. And what goes best with a chalupa but a taco supreme and bag of cinnamin twists. Well now its almost dinner and you can't go wrong with a sub from subway. And since Dairy Queen left the light on for me, might as well pick a blizzard up on the way home.

Now of course I don't say all that, I normally just say "Just trying not to eat everything that comes in front of my face, and exercising a little" But then I start to wonder do they think I had surgery? And then when an overweight person asks me I want to scream from the mountain tops "I had lap band and it is the best thing I did, you could be healthy too" But then what if they tell some skinny person who thinks I took the easy way out.

So for the most part like I said I don't tell anyone because I am eating less, and making better decisions, and taking my gps off locating all the taco bells' in the tri-state area. But is that lying? I don't think so.


  1. I'm in the same boat, to tell or not to tell. I am opting not to tell...if people ask, I just say that I'm eating less (very true, right?) I also think about how I wish I could be honest with bigger people, but I don't maybe someday after I get to my goal. If I told them now, I think I would feel like I was under the "what is she eating?" microscope, and I have no desire to be there! :) You are doing great!

  2. I still have not told anyone at work (except my assistant in case something happened to me) about my band. However, as time has gone by, when asked how I'm doing it, I am telling others about it. I've been pleasantly surprised with the responses I've gotten.

    I still don't plan on telling my co-workers. Their opinions, one way or the other, means nothing to me, and I just don't want to give them something to talk about. Of course, they may be talking about me anyway, but that's okay. If they're talking about me, they're leaving someone else alone! lol

  3. I was on the fence on if I should tell people..after surgery I ended up being a teller. I really have had NO negative feedback from people. I especially like to tell people that maybe lapband would help them.