Just how much have I lost?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

nothing like throwing up at Girl Scout Camp

I went camping with my girl scout troop this weekend.  I didn't get to choose the foods and I learned two things. 
1. when you can only eat at certain times and not when you want or think your hungry you realize just how much you snack.
2. not being able to choose your foods and eat what is prepared for you causes another set of problems.  It is not always easy to just say no that foods you would like to eat.

I was so mind hungry and stomach hungry since our meals were at 12:30 and 6:30 nothing in between.  I don't really eat breakfast anymore.  So then you get your meal and want to eat everything you can because of the hunger.  For lunch I had lots of cucumbers, and a bag of chips.  The rest of the lunch was peanut butter sandwiches and I was not going to touch them.

For dinner I had maybe 3 noodles and  3 meatballs. Again I was so hungry but even if I wasn't hungry I probably would have eaten the meatballs.  I know it was the pasta that did me in.  Iquickly excused myself and tossed my cookies. 

Yet another sign that I probably need an unfill. 
What happens if I don't get it? What horror storieshave you heard?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

almost died in my sleep I tell you

I woke up coughing like crazy.  You know when you swallow down the wrong pipe and can't stop coughing or get your breath?  Well that is what happened.  This was after I had been sleeping for maybe an hour.  I had about 2 large things to drink about 2 hours prior to me going to bed.  I always sit up for at least an hour after drinking then I also put two pillows under my head.  I have been having some rumbling sounds traveling up from mid stomach to my neck. I asked my dr about it and she was like it happens.  Well it happens to me a lot. only after I drink not when I eat.

Anyway I woke up coughing like a manaic.  Run to the bathroom cough so much I finally thow up all what I drank 3 hours ago.  I could tell during my coughing fit that I must have done a little thow up in my mouth which went down the wrong pipe.  I am telling you it scared the mess out of me.

Last time it happened I just woke up but no coughing just a terrible taste in my mouth.  I know I know I should get it checked out but I am terrified the second I get my band changed I will gain weight again.