Just how much have I lost?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Listen to what my doctor said!

I had a fill yesterday and I figured I should ask her some questions I had. But before that let me tell you about my experience. The scale showed I only lost 4 pounds in the past month so I was pretty bummed about that. But I also did not exercise at all last month and made some bad food choices which probably explains that.

I told her I had some restriction but not enough to keep me eating more than I should be. She asked me the standard two questions "Can you eat bread?" and "Can you eat chicken" I told her yes to chicken and sometimes with bread. She gave me another cc. I drank the little cup of water after and told her I burped and asked if that was a problem she said as long as it went down you are ok. Nothing new with the fill, it did hurt a tad more than normal but not huge.

Ok so now to what she told me. I told her the tylenol is not working for me, it does nothing when I have a headache. I asked her if I could take motrin since so many of you said your doctors said it wasn't a problem. Get this, she says "Motrin erodes the band!" So to all of you out there taking it be warned. She gave me a prescription of another tylenol based medicine for my migraines with is stronger hopefully that works. She tried to pass off tylenol with codine but I told her my students probably would prefer a teacher who is awake.

Now for the second thing I found out. As I am going to check out I said, I don't want to make a new appt I think this is the fill I am going to be good at. I mean I am at 9 already. She says actually at 10. OMG, when did this happen how can I be at 10! My band only holds 11 right?

She says well the manufacturer says 11 but we can get up to 23 cc's in your band! 23 cc's that is like crazy you wouldn't be able to swallow a thing with that much in your band. And wouldn't you be scared it would pop like if you put your seat belt on too tight? Can't believe it.

So there is good news and bad new with this fill.
The bad news I think I am going to need to get an unfill if things don't get better. I am on liquids for 2 days and yesterday I took a large sip of a shake and threw it up. Maybe if I drank it slower i would have gone down but that is not good. For the rest of the day I just had crystal light and decaf coffee. We will see today if liquids mainly shakes go down better.

The good news is I am not hungry at all! I mean like nothing. For someone who had maybe 200 calories total yesterday I should be starving but I feel like Calista Flockhart, not a care in the world about eating. So nice for a change.

Will keep you posted ladies, I should be in the 1o0's by tomorrow with two days of liquids easy.


  1. Oh crap, now I can't use Ibuprofen when Aunt Flo visits! Darn!

  2. Yeah, my dr said no NSAIDs at all, which is going to be rough this winter when my arthritis kicks in. I've heard that liquid versions of Ibuprofen and Naproxyn are OK for some bandsters (slides through instead of dissolving in the pouch), I'm going to ask my surgeon about that when I go in for my fill.

    Tylenol does nothing for my headaches either, but I haven't had a doozy yet since surgery, thank goodness!

  3. My doctor said the same about NSAIDS. I have some crazy headaches myself, so I will have to find something stronger along the Tylenol front when I get banded.