Just how much have I lost?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's been a while

Looks like I took the week off from blogging, guess there hasn't been much going on. Well I take that back. I hit 197 a few days after my last fill. I didn't get too excited because the very next day my Aunt Flow came to visit and it was right back to 200. Then I think well as soon as it goes away I'll be right back down to 197, guess I thought wrong. Got on the scale today 200. AAAHH. That is why you can't get too happy at 199 or 197 becuase 200 is just a cracker or two away.
In other news I went to see my parents today and met them at a park. My dad actually said he didn't recognize me. He said I look like a different person. So that made me feel good. And my husband told me my face looks so much thinner. But what I am concerned about is two things. 1. getting the scale in the low 190's
2. finding a dress to wear the first day back to school which looks good on me. (It will be my first dress I have worn in 9 years)

Still feeling a lot of restriction. I just drink my protein coffee for breakfast. Then a small lunch today I had tuna. Dinner I have whatever I make for the family. I have to eat much slower since I feel everything going down. And then I have been having another protein coffee at night just to make sure I am getting enough protein in. You would think the weight would just be falling off. I do find it much harder to get my liquids in since i have to drink so much slower also. Yesterday I got 32 ounces in, which is almost half of what I was getting in before the fill.

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