Just how much have I lost?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Can you say tummy tuck?

Ok so I am at the ob talking about what we are going to do about my heavy periods that are causing my major blood loss and terrible anemia which I had to get iron transfusions for. I never knew they were heavy since I don't normally go around comparing how many tampons my friends use.  Turns out the average is 3 a day.  I am going through 8 a day with lots of clots.  Sorry for the graphic. 

While I am discussing all the surgeries I have had previously, lap band, c-section, and then I casually mentioned and one day hopefully a tummy tuck to get rid of all this skin.  then she says, "Well you know if I do the hysterectomy at the same time as the tummy tuck you don't need to pay for the anesthesia,the O.R. or the hospital stay it will all fall under the hysterectomy and your insurance."  I was like oh my goodness what a deal!  That is like 4 grand right there in savings. 

I proceed to tell her I had just made my consultation with a plastic surgeon at the end of the month to discuss my options. She said well you couldn't use that surgeon since he wouldn't travel down state but she works with one all the time at the hospital near me. 

She then continues to say I wouldn't have a scar since he would be taking all the skin off where she would be using to do the surgery and if I ever wanted one now was the time to do it because if I get the tummy tuck first and then later get the hysterectomy I would have to call in the plastic surgeon again and pay him to fix the scars and it would be very difficult for her.   The reason I say this is because I went in to the appt thinking I was going to get an ablation, where they just scrape the lining, compared to the hysterectomy.  But her things was that only lasts 3 years and then we will be right back to where we started then so why even wait. 

Anyone know of anyone who had one?  I am trying to get a guestimate on price.  I am thinking like 4 grand, which I don't have but I am sure my mastercard would be happy to lend me.  I just hate the fact I lost all this weight and still have a huge pouch.  I am also going to talk to him about taking some of the skin off of my thighs.  Now that is what really bothers me in the summer, all the chafing.  Ouch. 

They put me on the surgery schedule for June 19th!!!!!  My husband casually mentions I should lose 20 pounds before the surgery so I have more skin to cut off.  Great idea in theory, I will do my best to get there.  I did lose 2 pounds, don't know if it is due to working out or being on day 4 of these pills.  But I can't get too excited until I get below where I was. 

Needless to say I am probably the only woman in America who is happy about getting a hysterectomy but might as well do it all in one shot. 

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