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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

another 5k

I don't know if I wrote about this or not.  But one of my former students asked me to be their running buddy for a 5k in May.  Now I haven't run a 5k in probably 2 years.  I stopped when I realized that I really am bad at it.  I don't run much faster than I walk and i never figured out the whole breathing thing.  In through your nose, out through your mouth, I don't know it just never feels right.
Well I started walking/jogging around the neighborhood.  I have to drive it out to see how far it is.
The first lap tonight took me 6 minutes, next lap took me 8 and the last was 7 minutes.  I thought or hoped 2 laps was a mile but when I came back in my husband says no I think its not.  I'll measure it tomorrow to see.

So the 5k with the former student is in May, and then I signed up for another one on April 13th.  Which if you haven't noticed is really just around the corner.  I am under no assumption that I will be able to run the whole thing.  My goal is really just to complete it in under 45 minutes.  I know sad but like I said i really haven't run in 2 years and I just started praticing this past week.

Now for eating.  I can't stop.  I want everything, I crave everything, I have no restriction.  I called to get a fill and the first time in Apri 9th which is wayyyyy to far away.  they said I can call every day to see if someone cancels but what a joke.  I really need a fill i just think of food all day long.
i am up to about 45  grams of protein.  Not as much as i need so i need to do a better job of getting it in.

Have a great week.

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