Just how much have I lost?

Monday, March 25, 2013

it's not just me.

I talked to my fellow bandster the other day and she said I think my band is broken.  I said no you are just like me you dont' have enough in there.  And just like me you need something to tell you when to stop eating.  She proceeded to tell me about when some food dropped on the floor and she said well as long as the dog didn't lick it it's still good.  Or ransacking her daughters room for food that she asked her to hide so she wouldn't eat it.  I agreed and told her my story of how I found 2 egg rolls from 2 days before in the back of my husbands car and how they would probably still be good since it has been cold in the garage.
She gets another fill tomorrow, our dr won't give her big fills since she has lost 80 pounds since she got filled last year.  Her complaint is that 20 of those pounds she lost pre surgery and 20 pounds she lost during the first month when she couldn't eat.  I am hoping she gets a fill that helps her tomorrow.

I can't get mine till April 9th.  I don't even know how I can make it till then.  I have been working out.  yesterday I jogged/walked 4.6 miles yesterday.  Got on the scale this morning still 178.  I have been walking/jogging daily doing kettlebell or just dance nightly.  Due to the snow today I just did the dance video. 

A friend of mine gave me some diet pills.  He used to lose 40 pounds to cut down his appetite and speed up metabolism.  Yes I am desperate.  I am also worried I am going to die, since I am a worry wart but when I look at the scale and see 178 in the morning that means I am over 180 with clothes on at night.  And 182 is close to 190 and 190 is close to 200.  You see how I think? 

So tomorrow I am trying one pill in the morning on an empty stomach with no coffee. 

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