Just how much have I lost?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


forgot to tell you two things.  First I did get my iron infusions and they made a heap of difference.  Within about 2 and a half weeks my feet and legs felt back to normal.  Also I didn't have any tingling in my hands. I was able to not want to just lay around when I came home from work.  I started doing Just dance with the kids at least 4 days a week. 
I guess I probably didn't tell you either when I was getting my iron transfusions there were 4 other woman who had gastric bypass getting their iron treatments.

I go in a few weeks to talk to my ob/gyn about what I can do to stop my heavy periods which is causing my low iron.  Not many choices, the pill I can't do since I get migraines and she said I have a higher risk of having a stroke.  Pass
Could get a shot but they have high instance of bleeding during the first 6 months more than normal which is what I am trying to avoid. Pass.
IUD - no thanks one piece of plastic inside my body is just about enough.  Pass
Hysterectomy - oh geez- pass
Ablation- guess that is my only choice that I feel comfortable with.
i just don't want to have to get iron every 5 months it is time consuming, not very comfortable, and I have to take off work.
Like I said I go back to talk to the actual doctor in a few weeks. I talked to the nurse practitioner when I went a few weeks ago. 

In hunger news, I am hungry.  Daily.  I have been trying to eat breakfast to calm down the hunger but I have been snacking and lord help me at night.  I ate 4, ok maybe it was 5 slices of pizza tonight.  It was thin crust but I ate them. 
I need a fill again.  But it feels so good to drink with no noise. 
The scale got down to 173 again, hovered at 174 for a while then back to 175.  Tomorrow I will probably be 176 I ate like crazy tonight.

Worst of all I bought mini donuts because they were on sale.  I ate so many I don't even want to tell you.  Remember I was the donut diva, me and donuts go way back.

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