Just how much have I lost?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Listen to this

I have a friend at work who was banded and lost 100 pounds.  she was banded just about 3 years ago.  Her last fill was almost a year ago.  She told me that she went on just liquids for like a week to do a cleanse.  Then this week she went back to solids.  At night she threw up in her sleep and as she explains it, it came gushing out of her mouth and nose.  The day before her breakfast came up several hours later.

The next day she went to the doctor and they took out .6 of her band.
Just thought that was crazy.  Coming out of her nose?

Her doctor gave her a scope after 2 years.  I didn't get one.  Does anyone else get one after a few years?

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