Just how much have I lost?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

went to the doctor

Called the doctor and told her my issues. She is great. She put me on topamax? I think is the name. I will take it twice a day as prevention. She even called the pharmacy to see if it was small enough to swallow and if I could sprinkle the capsule if I couldn't get it down.
She was impressed with my weight loss since she has not seen me since before i had it done.
According to her scale I am down 68 pounds. Not as nice as I would have hoped. I mean when I weigh myself I am butt naked before eating anything. This was at the end of the day and fully clothed so I weighed 184. I didn't like that number one bit!

Yesterday I walked for 30 minutes and sweated like crazy. Today it is just too hot to go out so I put dancing on the Wii and getting ready to hit it in a few minutes. I have to get active since eating seems not to be working for me.

How many of you work out consistantly? How and when do you do it? The morning I am too tired to get out of bed before 5:30 and then when I come home it is like straight into mom duty and I am asleep by 9:30.
Do tell I need help, inspiration and motivation.

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