Just how much have I lost?

Monday, May 9, 2011

the good the bad and the pounds

The good - I had a fantastic 4 days with just my hubby and no kids so I could truly relax
The bad - When hiking the 7 miles on a moutain trail I hurt my ankles and it is painful to walk
The ugly- I gained 4 pounds in those 4 days. Although I didn't feel like I ate a lot I obviously ate too much bad food. Every morning I bought 2 chocolate croissants and throughout the day I ate them both. I am sure that is worth at least 2000 calories. I also ate a bag of sweedish fish and half a bag of cheetos.
Now how long will it take for me to lose it. I wanted to work out today but my ankles are still killing me. So walking or jogging is so out of the question. I did really good today that is until I did bad. I had coffee like normal, then a salad with chicken for lunch. I bought my friend a donut today and since she didn't come to work I ate it. For dinner I just ate a bowl of cereal and a bowl of popcorn. If I keep my mouth shut the rest of the night I won't feel terrible.
I need to go to bed early otherwise I know I will be eating more.

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  1. Hi DD, I just found your blog and I wanted to give you some support. Temporary weight gain after traveling is pretty common, but I doubt you really gained 4 lbs. As you know, a pound is 3,500 calories so to gain 4 of those bad boys, you'd have to eat an extra 14,000 calories. That's a whole lot of chocolate croissants! What is more likely is that it is TOM or hormones or just extra sodium from restaurant food. Drink a ton of water and you'll see some quick changes in that number!

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    I was banded in 2010 and am at goal after losing 112+ lbs.