Just how much have I lost?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm blaming it on Aunt Flow

Yesterday I was 178.7 this morning I wake up and am 181.5. what the hell! How does that happen? And for the last two days I was so good. Ok not so good but a lot better than what I have been. I had my peanuts, cheerios, and chocolate chips as a snack between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. then I stopped eating at 7. No exercise but I did think about it.

Anyway I said well Aunt Flow is here I will blame it on her but overnight that is just crazy. And what did that motivate me to do today? Eat. I have absolutely no sense, none. I made cookies which was my first mistake I guess. I made it for my kids to be able to sell at our yard sale. Problem is the cookies never made it to the yard sale. My husband never took them out. ( I was yard saleing at other developments) So the cookies stayed in the house and many were eaten by me. I also had a handful of triscuts and maybe 20 cheetos, and a slice of danish. Terrible!

But tomorrow is yet another day and I am taking all the cookies to sunday school so there will be none left. And I have vowed to start exercising Monday. But I swear if I get on the scale and it is more than 181 a number I never thought I would see again I will hurt somebody.

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