Just how much have I lost?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i need help

Well I lost three of the 4 pounds I gained. then I got on the scale today and I gained them all back. and I know why. It could be the 17 handfulls of chow mein noodles I had at
school. Or maybe it was the cookies and cream icecream I had with hot fudge. maybe it was the hotdog, the 50 chips and dip, or 2 bowls of cereal, or 4 cookies.
Why I eat when i know I shouldn't I don't understand. I guess I could get another fill but I think I need some serious therapy. Anybody know where to find a good shrink?


  1. Can your surgeon's practice recommend someone? That's where I would start. :)

  2. I have days when I am on fire with fitness and I have days where I'm on fire with Fatness... It is only a letter difference, a think line between Love and Hate... even with Food. You'll beat it, Mindless eating gets the best of most of us from time to time.