Just how much have I lost?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

met another bandster

Well last night I went to a retiirement dinner for a friend of mine and I saw another woman who looked normal. By normal I mean not overweight or flabby skin hanging anywhere. I then found out her name and knew she was the woman my friend mentioned that had a band.
After the dinner I went over to her and introduced myself and asked her if she had the band. She said hers was done in march of last year. Faith we will call her lost 155 pounds. So let us review. faith had a band a little over a year ago and lost 155 pounds! She looks great, and says she wears a size 10.
Then I started to do a little math. If she weighed 320 pounds and lost 155 pounds that would put her at 170 right? Only 5 pounds less than me yet I thought she looked so much thinner than I did.
I also asked her what she did and how much she had in her band. This is what Faith told me.
She has 3 cc's in her band - i have 10!
She walks 1 1/4 mile a day during the week, and then 1 1/4 mile twice on Saturdays and Sunday. she just walks that's it. --- I haven't exercised for months.
She keeps track of her protein and gets 60 grams a day. --- I haven't in months.
For snacks she packs peanuts and chocolate chips about a cup of peanuts to keep her sweet and salty cravings down. ----- I just eat everything lately.
She drinks a ton of water --- I probably get 16 ounces in a day not coutning my coffee.

What this means is that i have fallen off the wagon and she has stayed on and looks great.
She inspired me and I got peanuts with chocolate chips for my snack today. I had eggs with turkey and cheese for lunch.
I counted my protein today.
Then dinner came and we had pizza I had 2 1/2 slices, and 4 cookies. Yikes.
But I did do better than what I have been and I drank 36 ounces of water, which is also better.

I have resolved I am going to do better. I worked too hard to get this close to what I want to look like and then quit because of my laziness.


  1. Hey... I was banded last March and she's blown me away too... I have lost 127 and change. And I didn't start at 320 either... Unbelieveable! Anyway, I could use a tweek as well, be serious. Make sure I'm getting my protein, water and less carbs. And get to the gym... I haven't been since I moved, about a month ago. Anything that inspires you is great but we all lost differently, and I wish I was one of those cut a calorie or 2 and drop 20 pounds a month, Impressive!

  2. well losing 127 isn't too shabby either. that is fantastic! you are always so positive, and motivting and real.