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Monday, April 25, 2011

summer shopping

Well it was 85 here today and jeans were just not an option. I searched for some capris or shorts from last year and put on a pair of 18's. they fell right to the floor. Then I put on a 16 and wore them all day but boy were they falling down. Tomorrow i am going out of town for a couple days and it will be pretty warm and I will be seeing some people I haven't seen in years. I would prefer not to have my pants falling off of me.
I went to the cheapest clothing store there is, Walmart of course, and filled my cart with 150 bucks of clothes. I got 4 large v-neck shirts. 3 collared shirts, 1 denim capri, 1 dress capri for work, a pair of shorts and a khaki pair of capris as well, oh yea and a long sleeve medium shirt for next year tha was on clearance. I also got a night shirt. Now I didn't try anything on, which means I am still a little scared they won't fit. I bought all 14's no elastic this year. I am praying they fit otherwise I will have nothing to wear for the trip.
I took some pictures from easter and I have one from last year so hopefully I can post them side by side for a comparison. I'm off for the week because of spring break! Wanting to get some of the things I have been putting off forever done.

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