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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my daughters new job is not a good thing for my band

I now go to Burger King 3 to 5 times a week. For a food addict this is not a good thing. I dropped her off the other day and it was around lunch time so what did I do I picked up lunch. A kids cheeseburger meal. I removed the bread because if I ate it I would so have had keeled over in the car from the pain and probably thrown up as well. So I had the burger and the onion rings. Did you know you could get onion rings with a kids meal? Bonus! I waited for an hour till I drank my kids light lemonade which I doctored up with some sugar free rasberry syrup. (love it)
So that wasn't bad you know. Problem is my younger daughter didn't eat her meal. And you know you can't just waste food. So like 2 hours later I finished her kids meal fries and 1 chicken nugget. I guess still not terrible but not healthy food I should be eating.
In other news, never buy easter candy before easter. It is sort of like halloween candy except it is pink and blue. Just don't do it ladies. Cause your going to eat them. I have managed to eat 3/4 of a bag of peanut m&M's in 3 days. I just can't handle it. That is not to mention the 20 or so easter marshmallows I ate. Which I bought with good intentions to use as a sorting activity with my 2 toddlers. But they were just marshmallows no chocolate. You see how I make excuses to myself that it is not so bad? I feel like Ruby. Anybody watch her this week?
Guess I need to remove my debit card out of my wallet before I drop off my daugther this week for work. Probably the only way I won't be tempted.

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  1. Ugh, I know the feeling. I cannot stop with candy. Argh. The band doesn't make that go away... but keep on keeping on.