Just how much have I lost?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

why do I eat so much

Ok here is my day breakfast 2 cups of decaf - I have been eliminating my protein and I need to stop lunch salad with a little cheese, hard boiled egg and croutons. I figure about 400 calories with that and dressing I also had a chex cereal bar today and some pretzels, now that I think about it I had some cheetos too. OMG I am a pig when you write it all down. dinner whatever I make. tonight I had a slice and a half of pizza, but while I was waiting for it to cook I had some doritos, and a handful of chocolate chips. I know that was a terrible dinner and last nights wasn't any better. Then to top off the terrible day I picked up my teen at Burger king her first day of work. I bought mozzarella sticks, a piece of pie and french fries. Now I will say I only ate on mozzarella stick, and about 8 fries. I shared the pie with my three daughters so I probably only had about 5 bites. But .... it was just a bad day. And I had a bad day before that and before that and before that. If I didn't have the band I would have eaten way more but this just shows what an issue I have with food. I do feel restriction but obviously not enough but I think I need to really do something. This last 10 pounds that I want to lose will never come off. One because I eat like crap and two because I am pretty lazy. The biggest problem is I know what the problem is and I continue to repeat the cycle day after day after day. Anybody relate? Suggestions?

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