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Monday, April 11, 2011

teenagers are a handful

totally off topic but I am going through some stuff with my teenager. she thinks she knows everything and we had her on punishment for some bad choices lets just say. Part of the punishment was no computer and phone. Come to find out after my husband and I have been going to bed she was taking my husbands computer and going online everynight. I am so mad. Not so much about the computer because it could be worse things but that she was going behind our back in our own house. When i ask her did she know she was doing wrong of course she said yes but she continued to do it. It wasn't just once or twice but almost everynight. Yes i am a heavy sleeper and I never thought she would go against us while we were in the house. So I am upset again, lost her trust again and am just sick of it. And what did I do first thing, just eat and eat. half a bag of cheetos, 3 cookies, bowl of cereal, hotdog, potatoes, handful of chocolate chips. And that was all last night. Tonight I had just about the same. I feel like I just can't stop. this is the addiction part of it I can't stop even when I know it is wrong and doing me no good. Which is why I can't get off this 176 pounds. Nor am I exercising. Anyone out there going to therapy and found any help in it? I seriously am considering it. Why can i not get past this terrible cycle of eating for stress and boredom? What a mess.

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  1. I've found therapy to be an incredibly valuable part of this process and highly recommend it.