Just how much have I lost?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

who ate the cookies from the cookie jar?

that would be me. I made some home made cookies and brownies for a BBQ I was having at our house on Sunday. I ate about 9 cookies on Sunday and 5 on Monday. Tuesday I threw the rest of the bag out. Something I would never have done before. I ate no brownies which was good.
At the BBQ since there were so many kids about 1 million flies got in the house. I killed 17 on sun, 16 on Mon, 7 on Tuesday and 3 today. I thought I got the last one and then I saw two more hanging on the light. I found two getting their grove on, by the table. Now I am worried they are going to have babies somewhere since I saw a little fly today. Crazy I tell you I hate flies.

In other news I have not exercised in 4 days. I blame in on my cheap shoes from Target. I was waiting for my 30% of coupon for Kohls to be valid because you know you never get a 30% one. Today I got a $70 pair of Fila's for $29. Tomorrow it is on.

I checked with my running friend and showed her how I have been running to confirm that I was doing it ok. I told her how I started running flat footed and it hurt my knees. Then I changed to running sort of on the top of my feet or my toes and not putting my heels down. She said it looked good. I said well why does it hurt my shins so much? Her response was 1) my legs aren't used to it and 2) I had crappy shoes.

Again tomorrow I hope it works out better for me in the exercise field. I know getting up is going to be a challenge.


  1. Hang in there...I ate a boat load of cookies last weekend...it happens to all of us. Time to get moving with that exercise :)

  2. I could eat my weight in cookies! In answer to your question about B12, yes, I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels since I started taking it.