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Thursday, July 21, 2011

the shoes are great

I went to Kohls and got a fantastic deal on some New Balance shoes and let me tell you they are pretty snazzy. They are running shoes although officially I don't know how much running I do in them. They retail for $70, we on sale for $49 and then I had a coupon for 30% off so we are talking fantastic deal. I feel like I am walking on marshmallows people. Marshmallows!

I planned to walk 5 miles. While I was walking i met a man who appeared to be about 95. I asked him how far he was walking he said 3.6 miles. Now I don't know how fast he was walking but I thought I was doing a pretty fast clip. So I got home and felt pretty good about myself until I clocked myself in the car. Turns out I only walked 4 miles in 75 minutes. So that comes out to about an 18 min mile. Not as good as I would have hoped.

Then of course the heat wave hit and we have been in 100 degree + heat for the last 3 days and these little puppies are staying in the house.

A person on facebook referred me to www.dailymile.com. I have yet to get it to work but it is supposed to map your route and figure out how far it is before you walk it. she said she walks for 2 hours a day to help her lupus. It is similar to facebook in that you can talk to friends about your walk/run. You can also track your exercise and it will figure out the amount of calories and miles walked per week and to date. I think it can do a lot more.

If you want to friend me I signed up as Lynne Patten. Maybe motivating each other will get us all more mobile.

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