Just how much have I lost?

Monday, July 4, 2011

found my camera

today before surgery December 2009

Yes I found my camera and so I can finally post a few pics. And yes that is me wearing shorts. Very short shorts I might add. Shorts I got at a yard sale for a quarter just in case they didn't fit. But they did. I have not worn shorts this short in probably 15 years.

I also found my tape measurer so I took some measurements and the results were not in my favor. The last time I measured myself was in January. I was 180 the same as I am now. However I have gained 5 inches since then. 2 in my waist, 1 in my stomach, 1 in my boobs, and 1 in my upper belly as I call it. So same weight yet larger measurements. Not fun.

I was thinking I need a fill. Why you ask when I have some restriction? Because today in honor of the 4th of July I ate an entire funnel cake. A whole one by myself. I would say that is close to bread I shouldn't be able to eat one right?


  1. Are you sure about those added inches? Seems kind of nutty.
    As for getting a fill: what else is going on with your eating? Think about the questions your doc would ask you when you go in for a fill and if you'd answer yes... then go in. Or just go in for a consult if you need it.

  2. What's a fill?

    Congrats on the training for the 1/2, my first race the goal was simply to finish...and I ran the whole thing! I was slow, but that didn't matter to me. I just wanted to cross that finish line :) It is an amazing feeling to work towards such a big accomplishment, can't wait to see you do yours!

    As for the gain, I hear ya! When you lose so much, a plateau can hit and as annoying as that is, step back and see how far you've come! 71 lbs is so inspiring!!! Don't let a little setback get you feeling down, keep going from here and you'll be great! (and, inches can be a lot to do with water weight, placement of the tape, etc. check again in a couple weeks!)
    Mrs. Bee

  3. Mrs. Bee I had a lapband surgery to help me lose weight in Dec of 09. I can go in and get saline injected into the band which will tighten around my stomach and allow me to eat less. But if you get it done too much you have lots of problems lots of throwing up, movement of the band etc.
    I can't believe you ran the whole thing. How long did it take you? There is a 4 hour limit on this one.

  4. My marathon took 5 hours 18 minutes, I keep a steady jog of about 11 minutes. Training helps a lot, too!