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Saturday, July 2, 2011

don't eat a hot fudge sundae

went to McDonalds today since traffic was crazy and we needed to get out of the car and get something to eat. I decided to look at the nutrition facts in my spare time as my kids played on the play area which was probably infested with germs.
I found out a hot fudge sundae has 330 calories and a ice cream cone only has 150. So make a good choice the next time you are craving something in the drive thru.
And for goodness sake never ever get a large cookies and cream or m& m shake or smoothie or whatever they call them. Those things have 900 calories. for a drink! That is crazy.

I had a crispy chicken sandwich minus the roll of course and few fries. No drink. It took me a while to eat the chicken but I did eat it all. Then I had a cookie about 10 minutes later. Not the best lunch in the world but I had a coupon and it tasted good. Normally I get a kids cheeseburger meal and just eat half the bun and all the fries. So I guess a little less fries a little more chicken, 6 on one hand... dozen on the other.

Enjoy the weekend ladies.

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