Just how much have I lost?

Monday, July 25, 2011

met a fellow bandster

I saw my mom today and she said "oh I have to let you meet someone who got a band"
I went up and started asking her all the questions.
When did you get banded?
How much did you lose?
How much is in your band?

Well turns out she was banded in April of last year and lost 70 pounds and I was like whoa that is great. But then I heard the whole story. She lost 40 pounds before the surgery. Then 30 pounds after the surgery. So that really isn't that fantastic of results. She looks normal. My mom said she just was a little chunky before the surgery. I said " Well how did your insurance approve you if you lost 40 pounds before the surgery?" she told me she had 2 other co-morbidities.

She seems very disiplined though. She only eats 3 ounces of protein at each meal. A shake and a fruit for breakfast and 40 grams of carbs for the whole day.

Inspiring to see how someone else does a year out.

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