Just how much have I lost?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

when it rains it pours

well things happen in threes they say.
So my air conditioner broke in the midst of the heat wave. I called a guy out and fixed it for barely nothing. 4 days later the compressor went. So now we need $3000 to fix it. A few days earlier I left my husbands car at my school parking lot not in the nicest part of town till 10 pm. When we went to go get it someone had jumped on the hood and bent it up. $800 of damage.
Tonight my teenager ran into our garage with van. It looks bad.

We just started a deck project using our savings to pay for $3000 the last payment is due on Sunday.

Just a lot of money all at once that we don't have. But on the positive my family and I are healthy, and the downstairs air is working, and my daughter just hit our house not a person.

I thank God for my blessings and know I can deal with what was thrown at us with his help.


  1. I wanted to make sure you saw my reply to your comment...that woman told me she had the stomach flu and she threw up from her real stomach and when it came up through the band - it herniated. I don't totally buy her story though and I talked to my doc's nurse. She said it was possible but not lovable. She said it was more likely that the woman was eating well over her prescribed eating amounts. She said that if your body reacts to too much food with a PB, it likely wouldn't happen.