Just how much have I lost?

Monday, June 20, 2011

I made a decision

On Saturday I went to a friends retirement party who is an avid runner, biker, swimmer, mover, shaker you know what I mean. Anyway I decided I was going to ask her for help. I asked her if she would train me through email and occasional stopping by for a 1/2 marathon! She said yes. Now I didn't realize at the time that September is only 13 weeks away. So I have a lot of work to do. She is realistic and says you won't run the whole way and the goal is to run/walk the marathon. The course is in Philadelphia and the time limit is 4 hours. So I could technically walk a 19 minute mile and just about finish it. My goal is to finish it in less than that of course.
On Sunday I ran for a total of 11 min. Not consecutive minutes. But ran them non the less. 30 seconds in I was doubting why the heck I decided to do this. But I needed to do something. The scale went back up to 181 and I have been sitting on this couch since my last 5k in March.
Signing up for this will inspire me to get moving and not be embarrased.
Today I did more walking then running total exercise time of 50 minutes. It was in the rain too. When I left at 6 in the morning it was just lightly drizzling then 10 mintues later it was full on raining but I kept going. I felt like if it rains on marathon day am i going to stop?

I also had a protein shake for breakfast yesterday and today. I am hoping the scale starts moving back in the direction it needs too as these pounds I put on since May have really irritated me.

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