Just how much have I lost?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

buffet after the band

Before the band a buffet was a wonderful thing. I would eat, go back and eat some more. I would have at least 5 plates. I would sit and wait and go back and eat mostly more and more of the same things I liked. And of course I always got the icecream bar. Well in honor of fathers day and my oldest being away at camp, and my middle child being at grandparents we decided to go out to a buffet. We never go out to eat and actually eat at the restaurant. It is just too much work and too disruptive for all the other people dining with the kids.
Anywhoo. I paid 14.99 for my buffet and had a veggie omlet not that big I might add with a few bites of a banana fritter. That is it. No icecream, not the sausage I put on my plate, or the french toast, or the other banana fritter, or a salad.

Then after 20 minutes I finished my$ 3.25 cup of decaf coffee.
Way not worth what I paid for it but ......that was the point of the surgery which is what is so hard to wrap around my mind.


  1. We have been out to eat quite a few times lately, and it still surprises me (even after four years) to not finish a plate of food. I am just now getting used to not feeling guilty or embarrassed by it.

  2. I'm still pretty embarrassed by not finishing a plate of food. I tried buffet with a friend and they did give me kids price with lap band card but it still didn't feel like I ate my $7.95 worth. I won't do a buffet again. . .