Just how much have I lost?

Monday, June 13, 2011

counting down the days

Just 3 days and then I am off for the summer. I can't wait. I'll be off with my daughter and have lots planned. Planned in the day is exercise in the pool or biking.
I am on this pill for my migrane and since being on it I have lost a few pounds so now I am down to 178. I don't quite know how since I have been eating like a lion these past few days. Do lions eat a lot? I had a big mac minus the bun. I had ice cream, and a peice of cake, nachos, the list could go on and on. Yes I feel restriction but I am just eating real slow. It is just pititful. Why am I doing this I have no idea. I told you I need therapy, and no I wasn't molested. You know how everyone on Ruby says well I am fat because I was molested as a child. I just eat because I absolutely love it.

I really wish I had a better support group here, actually a support group period.
I went to the store yesterday and got a lot of healthy foods so I have every intention of the day after my last day of work to get back on the wagon.

What are your plans for the summer exercise/food wise?

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