Just how much have I lost?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Endorphins? Never heard of them.

So I am counting down the days till school ends. Every summer I say I am going to lose the weight and come back cute. And every year I come back heavier than when I left. But this year, is the first year I know that won't be the case. Being banded up is finally going to keep me from flagging down the ice cream truck and on the straight and narrow. I know I'll be able to exercise in the morning and not be exhausted when I come home from work.
Hopefully I will get into loving exercise which people are always talking about and be able to continue consistently during the school year. You know what I mean, those people who say " Oh I can't go a day without exercising" Or "you just feel so much better after you run a few miles"
I still am tired after I work out, and could go weeks without thinking about digging my action bra out of the drawer.

I am still in search of a bike with a big seat to accommodate my big butt on craigslist or at a yard sale. I refuse to pay full price for a bike until I know I can 1) actually ride it and 2)ride it often.
Three years ago I sold a bike I had carried around from house to house spouting to my husband "but I'll ride it at the new house because there is room in the garage, and I won't need to bring it up from the basement" Or " I'll ride it this time because the streets are wide enough" Only to have it collect dust for a few more years.

One more day till my next fill. I don't know why I am so excited. Maybe the thought of getting closer to 50 pounds!

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