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Monday, February 18, 2013

Things I haven't learned

It's been over three years since my surgery and you would think i would have learned a few things about eating, but I haven't.  I talked to two of my friends who have had the band and they both said they control their eating not the band.  They don't feel restriction but rather they stop eating when they feel they have had enough.  I am not there yet, in fact if I am not there yet after three years will I ever be there?
Will I ever stop thinking about cheese fries at random times of the day?
Will I ever not open the refrigerator and look for things that might be tasty?
Will I ever not want to have a bag of chips just to make my day a little more special?
I don't think so, I'm 40. 
So these past few days have been hard.  Not having restriction is tough.  I have had to talk to myself and convince myself I don't need cheese fries.  I have repeated over and over again to myself that I don't need to check the refrigerator, or have one last cookie. 
Today I gave 2 boxes of break and bake cookies to my neighbor.  I had to get them out of the house.  In the past 2 days I have had at least 10.  And they weren't even that good. 
Yesterday I drank my 20 oz coffee in about 15 minutes, usually it takes me just about an hour and 15 minutes to drink that amount and I would gurgle the whole time.  So it is nice. I have been drinking water too. 
Tomorrow I will get on the scale, I got on today and it was 174 a pound more than when I got the unfill but I was partly blaming that on me being on the last day of my period.  Hoping tomorrow it will be back down and not up.  But it very well could go either way. 
Did i say this is hard?

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  1. It's my experience that if I'm craving a bad food (like your cheese fries), if I don't let myself have it, I will eat and eat around it until I finally give in. I finally learned that I should just give in to the craving, eat a small amount of the food and be done with it. I wind up taking in a lot less calories over all by doing that.

    Another trick I use is to ask myself "Are you really hungry, and if not, why are you looking for food?" when I'm staring into the fridge. Sometimes that gets me to walk away without eating, and sometimes I eat something. This is a vast improvement on pre-band life, when I never would have closed the fridge without grabbing a snack.

    I think you were very smart to get an unfill -- it sounded like you were way too tight. I hope this new level is better for you. You look great -- loved the before & after photo!