Just how much have I lost?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I got a fill last week

i decided to get a fill. It was my first one since Thanksgiving. She gave me 1.5 cc's a little more than I was expecting. I was on liquids the first day then soft the next. Basically I had two bowls of turkey chili that I made. Got down to 175. Today I had a little bit of chili. I started getting that feeling again and decided to walk very briskly back to my room so I could be there just in case. Good thing I did because as soon as I got there i started the spitting thing. Then I did a little throwing up just a few and boy did that feel better. So I guess the fill is working. However when I got on the scale today I was back to 177. What the heck. This is after a 5k I did on Saturday. I did terrible on the 5k. I was trying to beat my old 41 min time, except I forgot my watch. Which means I had no idea how slow I was going. I finished in 44 min. And the last two days I have been so sore. Why I have no idea but none the less my thighs and calves feel like I was stretched in one too many directions and i am walking like a 100 year old woman. I am still glad I got the fill, and hopefull it will get me to close my mouth a little faster. On the good news front I lost 16 pounds since I was at the Dr on Thanksgiving. She was very impressed and said I look great. I asked her if most people got plastic surgery. She said you are so young that you shouldn't need any. Your neck isn't sagging and your stomach looks so good. No mind you I think my stomach looks a hot mess but I guess when you are comparing much older people who have lost 100's of pounds mine does look better. She says just do some planks and you will strenghten your core. We'll see I still think if I do manage to lose another 10 or 15 I might need to get a tuck.

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