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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I wouldn't mind being up this late if...

I wouldn't mind being up this late if I didn't have to work tomorrow. You know maybe sleep in late, roll over and pull the covers up. But it is 3:30 in the morning and I have been up since 2. I don't know why, just woke up out the blue. So now I am online reading up on how to make the class more fun on St. Patrick's Day. I used to teach older grades so I never had to plan anything but it turns out 2nd graders still believe in little leprechauns and are expecting them to do something in the classroom.

Anywhooo I got on the treadmill yesterday and decided to increase my speed. I put it up to a 5.0 and could run for about a minute. Went down to a 3 then back up to 5. I guess it was like interval training but that wasn't my intention. I did a mile in 16 minutes. That is so pitiful. When I watch shows like Heavy or Biggest Loser and see these 300 pound people run for an hour I can't belive it. How come I can't run for 5 minutes.

In food news, I skipped my salad I packed today and ran to Chick Fill A. I got a chicken salad wrap and fries. I didn't eat the fries and I had half of the wrap for lunch and the other half for dinner. Guess that is not so bad. But I should also say I had three handfulls of m&m's, a cookie, and a bite of eggs also today. Maybe I should get a fill.

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