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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

totally off subject

I know this is off subject but I am desperate for help. I teach 2nd grade and am in desperate need of a listening center for the kids to use daily.
There is a program from sonic which if you get enough votes for your project they will pay for. Right now I have 49 people who voted for me, I need like at least 300. The good news is you can vote everyday. The bad news is most people forget.
so can if at all possible help a fellow bandster, and a hard working teacher get this for the kids.
I would so appreciate it. Tell your friends, enemies and anyone that has an email address.

Just click on the cute little button, and I think it will take you right to my spot. If not select location, click on Delaware and click on Mrs. P listening center.


  1. I voted several times for you!!! Best of luck!!!

  2. I just voted for you as well. I hope you get the funding for your project.