Just how much have I lost?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How is it possible?

I think I need a fill. Yesterday I ate an entire salad from Subway along with 1/2 an eggroll and 2 crab rangoons. Yes, it is still much better than my old trip to chinese where I would have had a pint of wonton soup, 5 crab rangoons, an egg roll, and an order of sweet and sour chicken and probably half of my daughters french fries. Becuase you know they have the best fries in the world.
But my point is how can I eat all that, when other times I eat two bites of something and end up with sharp pain from restriction.
I had some ice cream the other day from McDonalds. I read on someones blog that the cone is only 150 calories so I get 1 a week now. But anyway I was eating it and half way through I had to stop, get some napkins and proceed to spit for like 5 minutes. I was in so much pain and so uncomfortable and the spitting is never fun. But as soon as I burped what did I do? Finished my ice cream of course.

So in conclusion i think I need a fill. Although the scale has moved it really isn't moving fast maybe a pound a week the last two weeks. I think I'll call this week and see if they can fit me in, the problem is though I have to leave work early to make the appointment and I hate asking for time off. I just hate it. But I hate being stuck at this weight and size even more.

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