Just how much have I lost?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

July 16th it is

Well I met with my plastic surgeon and set a date.  He is going to do a tummy tuck and a little lipo on my outer thighs when I get my hysterectomy done.  I can't stop holding my stomach up in the mirror or pulling my thighs back to try and visualize what it will look like.  He said I will feel like a mack truck hit me for a good two weeks and need serious help for a month. 
I am renting a recliner and will have it delivered up to my room the week of surgery since I read on line there is no way I will be able to lay flat for weeks.  It's 30 bucks a week or 300 to buy it. 

The surgery is 6 hours.  My husband is freaking out he doesn't want me to get it done.  He's worried I am going to die.  I am putting my faith in God's hands knowing that he will watch over me and the surgeon.  I worked too hard to still look like I am pregnant. I want to wear a dress without having to hold it out from my body or keep pulling at it when I sit down so people don't see my rolls. 

I wear a size 16 and hope after the surgery I will be a 14 or really a 12 since most of my weight is in my stomach but we'll see.  I will be swollen for a while. 

I asked him about my inner thighs since that is where most of my loose skin is.  He said no since there will be too much fluid draining from the stomach area.  So when this is all over I might still have to wear a skirt on my tankini to cover the inner thighs.  But I should be able to wear my action bra without a shirt when I run.  Now that is exciting.

I'll keep you posted with lots of pics when I have them.  I am still waiting for my friend who had one done about 3  months ago to send me pics.

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