Just how much have I lost?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

almost died in my sleep I tell you

I woke up coughing like crazy.  You know when you swallow down the wrong pipe and can't stop coughing or get your breath?  Well that is what happened.  This was after I had been sleeping for maybe an hour.  I had about 2 large things to drink about 2 hours prior to me going to bed.  I always sit up for at least an hour after drinking then I also put two pillows under my head.  I have been having some rumbling sounds traveling up from mid stomach to my neck. I asked my dr about it and she was like it happens.  Well it happens to me a lot. only after I drink not when I eat.

Anyway I woke up coughing like a manaic.  Run to the bathroom cough so much I finally thow up all what I drank 3 hours ago.  I could tell during my coughing fit that I must have done a little thow up in my mouth which went down the wrong pipe.  I am telling you it scared the mess out of me.

Last time it happened I just woke up but no coughing just a terrible taste in my mouth.  I know I know I should get it checked out but I am terrified the second I get my band changed I will gain weight again.


  1. yikes :( How are you feeling now?

  2. That happened to me once, it scared me right into an unfill. I knew I was too tight and had heard about others having those same issues, but I was scared to gain too. It's not worth it risking damage to your band or possible complications from aspiration. I would see your doctor. Hope you feel better soon.