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Saturday, August 27, 2011

earthquake and a hurrican

this week we had an earthquake and now are preparing for a hurricane. And what do you need in a hurricane? Donuts! So of course after I bought the water, candles, and rain gutters I put some donuts and fritos in the cart. Because you need some non perishable items.

I have done really well I think this week though in food going back to work. Each morning I had my shake worth 30 grams of protein and probably close to 300 calories. I have had no snacks between that and lunch. Then for lunch I ate tuna and a few crackers. For a snack I had a cheese stick and some turkey peperoni. At home for dinner not too much. One day I did have a a few hand fulls of chips, another day a hotdog with no bun, another day 2 slices of thin crust pizza. So I really don't think bad. Definitely better than what I had been eating. However the scale said 182 this week. 1 pound more than what it was last week. I am blaming it on my food last week. But it could have been for adding breakfast this week since all summer I never ate any.
My rationale was if I eat a good breakfast I won't snack as much and get my protein in. I hope the scale will move down soon. If not I will need to jump back on the mill soon. As I have been on my but for about 5 weeks. No exercise at all.

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  1. Hmm, I have fallen into that 'trap' of thinking about breakfast before.. but I am learning that breakfast actually doesn't work as well as brunch for me. I know it is semantics, but I try to wait until mid morning to eat... protein first etc. etc.
    Good luck!