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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

and the ground shook

Yes I felt the earthquake. And it was weird. I can't imagine how scary it must be in California or japan when they have them because this was little and I found it frightning. Luckily there is no real damage anywhere and no one is hurt. We were told to leave early of course the day before school opens so i am not ready in my classroom. But I can't complain since we are all safe and no injuries.

Today I put on my size 14 white pants. And let me tell you they were a little snug. So snug that I thought meeting all of my parents in them would probably be making a statement I didn't want to make. So I put them back int he closet and put on the big 18's. Why did I insist on wearing big white pants. Because I had already ironed my shirt and I really wanted to wear these lovely fuschia flip flops. now scale wise I am about the same. Remember I fluctuate between 179 and 181 all the time. So the pants should still fit but they do not. Could I blame on the dryer or I really should blame it on the cookies and chips I have been eating.

I have these past few days since I have been back to work had a protein shake for breakfast. Tomorrow I will add back in the water i need to be drinking. Then I should move into eating less snacks. One thing at a time just like I started.

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