Just how much have I lost?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A few things not to do when you have restriction

Thought I should review a few things you shouldn't do when you have restriction
1. eat a lukewarm or cold mozzarella stick
2. drink a swig of milk to wash down a cookie
3. have a normal size piece of cake even if it is your birthday
4. have macaroni and cheese
5. try and eat a toasted sub from subway
6. eat any kind of bread
7. have a donut hole
8. eat a piece of your kids pancake
9. eat fast or at your regular speed before the band
10. go back for seconds

All of the above are things that I have done within the last month and have all caused me to throw up or spit like a camel. I even threw up in the car. Word from the wise : the Subway bag that the cookies come in does not hold throw up quite well.


  1. Oh man!! This list made me chuckle!! I have tried a few times haha and learned just like you! I got your comment, some one beat you to the coat! sorry about that!

  2. Things to remember, hmmmm. I haven't got good restriction yet, but I will keep these in mind, especially the going back for seconds, LOL.