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Thursday, January 10, 2013

All about the iron

Well it has been a while so I should probably update on what has been going on.  I have been having terrible pains in my legs.  So I went to my primary doctor.  She tested my blood and I came up with low iron.  She tested me again with some more things same results and then referred me to a hematologist. 
I was there for 5 seconds, she reads the results and says how many tampons do you use in a day?  I was like uh I am here because my legs hurt.  She proceeds to tell me that if I have this low iron that my legs are hurting all day I have to be losing blood somewhere.  She then says I need 4 iron transfusions, an ultrasound and a colonoscopy and more blood work.  WHAT! 
So fast forward two weeks.  I had my first iron transfusion on Tuesday.  Painful,like a burning while it was going in then a pain for about 2 hours after it was out.  My arm is still sore 3 days later.  I go again tomorrow.  My legs still hurt but I didn't expect everything to be better after one treatment.
I went for my ultrasound yesterday which I thought was just on the outside if you know what I mean.  She says to me , "ok go empty your bladder take your clothes off and then we will insert this inside you to finish the ultrasound"  Hello- I was not mentally prepared for this.  But we got it done and I should know tomorrow if I have fibroids which is causing heavy bleeding and low iron.

While getting the iron they said lap band patients they don't see but they see bypass patients all the time since their bodies no longer absorb the iron they need after the surgery.  So I guess that is a pro of band.

I got down to 173 the lowest I have ever been, but today I was back up to 175.  I been throwing up at least once a week still.  Yes I still need to get an unfill. My dr finally opened up another office closer to me and I plan to go soon.  The problem is I am taking off all this time for these iron appts and then I will have to leave early also for the band appt. It just doesn't look good, my bosses are not good at people taking off. 

I'll keep you posted for anyone who reads this.

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  1. Good grief! What are the pains in the legs like?

    Mine ached like crazy but I just thought I was tired ya know?

    I have been taking folic acid and iron for ever and have to have a B12 shot every 2 months now even though I have a band and not the RNY.

    They called it pernicious anaemia or something like that.

    My band is loose so I eat all kinds of stuff and don't suffer the dietary restrictions, but the docs here are so useless that they put it down to that anyway.

    I dont have tired achey legs any more so maybe that has sorted it for me.

    Jeez I hope you feel better soon.

    Folic acid is something that helps us metabolise iron so maybe talk to them about that too?

    I just found your blog and I love the way you write stuff.

    I'll keep reading